An Invasive Ant Has Found Its Way Into Florida

If you are afraid of insects then Florida is not the state you want to be living in. Florida is home to an abundance of insect life. The reason why Florida is such a hot spot for insects is because the state receives shipments from locations all around the world.... read more

Butterflies Never Miss An Opportunity To Get Drunk

Human beings are no strangers to alcohol, but you may be surprised to learn that other organisms consume alcohol as well. It would probably not surprise you to learn that some mammals seem to enjoy the intoxicating effects of alcohol. But what about insects? Insects... read more

A Woman Is Killed By Bedbug Bites

If you ever have to make the hard decision of entrusting a stranger with the well-being of one of your aging relatives, such as nursing home staff members or caretakers, then make sure you run a background check. A seventy three year old woman who was formerly... read more

Termites Have Destroyed Santa’s Cabin

You may be from a town where a historic and beloved structure is located. If you do, then try and imagine how devastating it would be to see the pride of your hometown destroyed by a termite infestation. In Hanover, Pennsylvania one particular cabin has become iconic... read more

Some Termite Colonies Practice Polygamy

Polygamy is not a rare sexual behavior among animals. Even many groups of pre-civilized humans practiced polygamy. When it comes to insects, polygamous sexual relations are the norm. Polygamy serves to promote species survival. If polygamy hindered the ability for... read more

An Elderly Woman Survives The West Nile Virus

After hearing about so many people around the United States dying as a result of contracting the West Nile virus, it is nice to hear that some people survive the virus. For example, one elderly woman, Joy Crain, has managed to recover from the worst symptoms of the... read more

Tick-Borne Infections Will Likely Increase

Anybody who has lived in the midwest can tell you that ticks are certainly abundant. Tick-borne diseases, on the other hand, are not as abundant in the midwest as one would think. As far as midwesterners are concerned, tick bites are just minor nuisances, but proper... read more

Important Church Has Become Infested | Sachem

During the earliest stages of civilization, mankind was likely aware of the damage that termites could cause to wood-made structures. Destructive termites had to be problematic for early humans living within primitive shelters that were constructed from nothing but... read more

Several Different Beetle Species Inhabit Termite Nests

You may not know much about termites other than the fact that they enjoy eating wood. However, termites are probably the most talented architects in the insect world. Termite nests demonstrate a termites’ advanced building abilities. Termite nests are even outfitted... read more

Tips For a Rodent Free Life | Sachem Pest Control

At Sachem Pest we want to provide our customers with the best information and services to keep their home or business pest free! That is why we have created this list this week to help keep your workplace or home rodent free! Rodents can be a very annoying pest to... read more