The Truth About Daddy Long Legs And Their Venom

Around 3,000 spider species have been described in North America, which is ten percent of all described spider species worldwide. Most spiders produce venom, but many spiders are unable to bite due to having fangs that are too short to pierce human skin. The group of... read more

Common Eye-Gnats Can Give You Pink Eye

Mosquitoes, flies and gnats are among the most bothersome of summertime insect pests. In addition to being a nuisance, many mosquito and fly species spread diseases to humans. Unlike mosquitoes, however, flies spread disease by transporting bacteria to humans from... read more

Will Bee And Wasp Swarms Pursue Humans Who Run From Them?

Several airborne insects that inflict painful stings can be found in the northeast US. Some of these species include, the European honey bee, the American bumblebee, the common eastern bumblebee, the bald-faced hornet, the European hornet, the eastern yellow jacket,... read more