Important Church Has Become Infested | Sachem

During the earliest stages of civilization, mankind was likely aware of the damage that termites could cause to wood-made structures. Destructive termites had to be problematic for early humans living within primitive shelters that were constructed from nothing but... read more

Several Different Beetle Species Inhabit Termite Nests

You may not know much about termites other than the fact that they enjoy eating wood. However, termites are probably the most talented architects in the insect world. Termite nests demonstrate a termites’ advanced building abilities. Termite nests are even outfitted... read more

Tips For a Rodent Free Life | Sachem Pest Control

At Sachem Pest we want to provide our customers with the best information and services to keep their home or business pest free! That is why we have created this list this week to help keep your workplace or home rodent free! Rodents can be a very annoying pest to... read more

Insect Vs Plant Biological Warfare |Sachem Pest Control

We all know that many insects are considered pests to certain plant species. However, we don’t often hear about the methods some plants use to attack insect pests. Obviously, insects have the advantage of being mobile, but there is a lot that plants can do when it... read more

Simple Outdoor Pest Tips| Sachem Pest Control

At Sachem Pest Control we want to provide you with the best protection we can from pests! That is why we have complied this list of Simple Outdoor Pest Tips you can do to protect you, or your family this year! Pest can ruin any property no matter if yours home or... read more

Can Insects Be Used To Fight Our Enemies? | Sachem Pest

Not too long ago, on a hit television show, high-up government officials were toying with the idea of using insects to destroy wheat supplies in the enemy’s country. While this may sound a bit less conventional than dropping bombs; using insect-pests to contaminate... read more

5 Signs You May Have Mice | Sachem Pest

Sachem Pest Control: Your #1 Mice Pest Control Company

We receive hundreds of calls each week regarding mice. During the cold months mice is the #1 pest issue many New England residents face. If you are wondering whether you have a mice issue in your home this blog post can help you. Here are the top 5 signs you may have a rodent infestation in your home and need pest control help.

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How To Protect Your Home From Carpenter Ants

Once the warm (and especially when the real hot) weather hits New England you can expect homes to start seeing ants. And those big black ants you see? Well, those are carpenter ants and they are looking to start eating the wood in your home and creating a nice little... read more

5 Ways To Keep Ants Out of Your House This Spring and Summer

CBCNEWS – Everyone has heard the endless list of home remedies to clear those pesky ants out of your home — but what actually works?Ant Removal Boston Robert Anderson is an entomologist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, he told CBC’s Information Radio what... read more