Why Have Cockroaches Evolved To Regrow Amputated Limbs?

Most people know from experience that cockroaches are difficult to kill. The common over-the-counter aerosol insecticides that are advertised as being specially formulated to kill indoor roach pests may be effective, but it often takes copious amounts of spray before... read more

Certain Indoor Odors Can Reveal A Bed Bug Infestation

Insect infestations are always stressful, but there are not many insect pests that are stressful enough to cause psychological trauma to those living within infested conditions. Unsurprisingly, bed bugs are one of the few insect pests that can literally trigger... read more

Pillbugs And Sowbugs

Crustaceans are mostly sea dwelling animals that include lobsters, crabs, and crayfish. Like arachnids and insects, crustaceans are classified as arthropods. Unsurprisingly, many of today’s modern arthropods, like scorpions, closely resemble their sea-dwelling... read more

The Ideal Indoor Climate For Insect Pests

In order for insect pests to survive indoors they must locate a suitable environment. The availability, quality and quantity of food and water sources is tremendously important for insect pest survival and proper maturation, but indoor insect pests must also locate... read more