The Butterflies That Can Transform

Nature shows us that physical violence is not always necessary for defensive purposes. When it comes to predatory attacks, most animals often have no choice but to respond with violence. However, defense methods vary across different animal species. Sometimes animals... read more

Lyme Disease May Reach Epidemic Levels

We all know that Lyme disease is a common tick-borne disease that commonly infects people living in the northeast United States. For the past few years news reports have been claiming that the rates of Lyme infection in the United States have been increasing. But how... read more

Winter Conditions Don’t Stop Pests

Certainly everyone living within the United States has taken note of the extremely cold climate this winter. The past few winters were relatively mild, which resulted in a spring season that was highly populated with many different insect pests. We have been told... read more

Prophet Is Feeding His Congregation Cockroaches

If you attend church then you likely know what to expect during Sunday morning services. Perhaps your pastor will discuss issues facing the modern world while your children attend Sunday school. Or maybe you and your fellow church goers will join hands while... read more

Controlling Insects With Nukes?

Nobody likes insects, and some insects are dangerous and occasionally deadly. Since insects, such as mosquitoes, can cause illness and fatalities, public health officials in some countries have been known to take a hard line against insects that spread disease. The... read more

Most Venomous Caterpillar In America Recently Attacked

There are plenty of venomous animals dwelling within the United States. Snakes and arachnids can transmit venom to people’s circulatory systems if they feel threatened. But which other creatures in America are venomous? Surprisingly many caterpillars are... read more

Not All Termites Will Consume The Wood In Your Home

Termites are hard insects to like for obvious reasons. However, if you had to choose a favorite then you would probably want to choose the macrotermes genus of termites. Most Macrotermes species are not pests in people’s homes, though some of these termites are crop... read more

One Fly Can Change The World | Sachem Pest Control

It is no secret that the world faces a lot of problems today. High levels of food waste and growing landfills are one of the most pressing environmental problems facing the modern world. Food waste within landfills contributes significantly to the amount of greenhouse... read more

Phorid Flies Are Brutal Creatures

You have likely never heard of phorid flies, also known as coffin flies, because their overtly violent attack methods have only just recently been discovered. If it were not for these unconventional hunting tactics, phorid flies would be like any other type of boring... read more

Termites Are Easily Fooled By Imposters

We all know that termites are very small. If you think that their small size makes them seem relatively unintimidating to other insects, then you would be right. Termites are certainly not known for being effective predators. Even insects that are as small as ants... read more