What Attracts Carpenter Bees To Homes In Massachusetts?

Carpenter bees belong to the genus known as Xylocopa, which is comprised of around 500 carpenter bee species that are distributed all over the world. Carpenter bees can be found in the southern and eastern states of the US, and they are the largest bees in the country... read more


THREE WAYS HOMEOWNERS ARE INVITING TERMITES INTO THEIR HOME This year, Sachem Pest Control and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) are working to spread public awareness about termites during Termite Awareness Week, March 10-16, 2019. With spring just... read more

Spring Cleaning Season Helps Keep Home Pest-Free

Spring cleaning is a longstanding tradition helping homeowners welcome the warmer season’s weather, from bringing the outdoor patio furniture out of storage to simply reorganizing the shelves and closets in the house. While the attention of spring cleaning is mainly... read more

Cockroach Prevention Tips

Maintaining excellent sanitation is one of the best practices in protecting the home against cockroaches. Use these tips to keep roaches away! Kitchen: Keep counters, sinks, tables and floors meticulously clean every day. Clean dishes, crumbs and spills right away,... read more